‎Addison Wooten-Champ‎

2018-06-26T09:39:02+14:0013 6 月, 2018|

This bottle is a life saver to my family! Our son (11 weeks, EBF) has a tongue tie. His doctor said that if we couldn't find a bottle he could actually drink out of, and suck more than just air, that we would have to cut his tongue tie! That's when I turned to nanobebe [...]

Sena Nelson

2018-06-26T10:02:26+14:0013 6 月, 2018|

Eric started giving bottles from my frozen stash on weekend mornings to give me a couple extra house of consecutive sleep, it's my opportunity to recharge. Im so thankful for him (and bottles) because nursing a newborn every couple of hours through the night can wear you down.


2020-04-03T10:00:13+14:0013 6 月, 2018|

Maya 最愛她的 nanobebe 母乳奶瓶,而且還能自己喝奶,我這輩子沒想到可以這樣!謝謝你 Nanobebe,這讓我終於可以放鬆休息,而且能放心她會從奶瓶內獲得所有的營養,不會因為加熱被破壞! Maya LOVES her nanobebe bottle and even feeds herself, never thought that would happen! Thank you so much, it's given me much needed rest time and hassle free as I just pump straight into the bottle. Thanks for the peace of mind as I know she is getting all the [...]

Miss Quinn

2020-04-03T09:58:15+14:0013 6 月, 2018|

終於寶貝不需要再黏著我啦!當我跟老公忙的時候,她現在可以跟家人、朋友一起。我們花了 8 個月嘗試了世界上所有各種奶瓶,8 個月都只能 24 小時在我腰上黏著我的乳房。但她現在最愛 Nanobebe 奶瓶,她還能自己餵自己! Finally, baby freedom! She can hang out with family and friends when mommy and daddy are busy. Took 8months of buying every bottle in the world. 8 months of exclusively breast-feeding meeting baby on the hip 24 seven. She absolutely loves this bottle and loves feeding herself [...]

Linn Hansen

2020-04-03T09:55:39+14:0013 6 月, 2018|

我愛 Nanobebe!溫奶/解凍快速,而且我寶寶不會嗆到、不吐奶,脹氣的問題也改善了! Love Nanobebe! its quick to heat/ defrost but perhaps best of all my little one did not spill, spit or cough the milk back up. ? Also massively improved her wind and tummy pain!

Amanda MB

2020-04-03T09:53:49+14:0013 6 月, 2018|

我老公真的印象太深刻了,他從來沒辦法在餵兒子的時候有那麼深刻的連結,我們真的很享受這個奶瓶。 my husband was very impressed he had never had that deep of a connection feeding his son before we truly are blessed and enjoy this bottle.

Beth Belt

2020-04-03T09:51:44+14:0013 6 月, 2018|

Flexy 安撫奶嘴好可愛啊,我親餵的兒子馬上就願意咬。它們有適合親餵寶寶的奶嘴頭形狀,我也喜歡一體成型的設計,完全沒有噎到的危險,全矽膠也很容易清洗。 The Flexy pacifiers are very cute, and my breastfed son took to them right away. They are the proper shape of nipple for a breastfed baby. I also like that they are all one piece, so there is no choking hazard. They are a soft silicone and easy to wash as well.