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When you have an adorable baby (whose isn’t??), you want to capture the cuteness as much as you can! Sometimes babies “cooperate” and other times you have loads of photos that you end up deleting. There are ways to photograph your little ones, so that most of the pictures are keepers! Here are some basics to get you started on taking your baby’s best pics: 

Timing is Everything

Of course, when your baby or toddler is in the best mood, it’s ideal to snap some photos. Plan a little ahead so that your little one is well rested, recently fed, and already in a smiley mood. 

Know Your Camera

Get comfortable with features your camera has like shutter speeds and aperture. Most cameras have an auto setting, just in case, so you don’t really have to be an expert. The use of lighting is another great way to enhance your shots. Natural light beaming on your child works best and lets his or her beauty shine through.

Highlight Each Stage of Your Baby’s Development

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Newborn Phase: The easiest because your infant is sleepy and easy to pose. You can get some amazing shots with your newborn in your arms, in a basket, or other locations 

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Six to Eight Months: Now your baby is sitting up and you can add a new dimension by having your little one hold on to a favorite blanket or toy.

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One Year: When your child is a new walker, you can capture these moments as she toddles around discovering her new life in motion!

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Two to Three Years: As your little one grows, show off his personality by snapping pics while he’s doing what he loves most. These make great shots! 

Have Fun!

When you have your camera handy, take candid shots – your child doesn’t always have to pose or “say cheese”. Zooming in for close-ups or from far, these photos can be the most fun to take and may be your favorites since these pictures tell a story.

Going Pro for a Modeling Portfolio

At some point, almost every parent has thought, “my baby could be a model!” It could be really rewarding and fun, as long as your child is enjoying it too. Launching a career in the modeling industry begins with something called a “portfolio.” Containing a collection of photos that showcase the aspiring model’s best angles, this neat little piece serves as a graphic resume, even for very young modeling hopefuls. 

If you think your baby has what it takes to be part of the modeling industry, you must first learn how to create a standout portfolio for him or her. 

3 Types of Photos Your Baby’s Portfolio Should Have

A modeling portfolio is more than just an album of random pictures—it is a collection of the images that depict your child’s natural qualities useful for the industry. Basically, there are three main types of photographs that should be included in his or her modeling portfolio. They are as follows: 

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Full Body: As the name implies, body shots are images that showcase your child’s entire build—from head to toe. Ideally, it should be 8” x 10” and should show your child’s posture and stance. 

Of course, babies may not be able to stand yet, so your goal is to take photos that illustrate how he or she holds herself in front of the camera. The key is to pick body shot images that show that the model aspirant is comfortable in front of the camera. 

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Headshot: These are pictures that are taken from the neck up. In this type of modeling photo, it is recommended to maintain your little one’s natural appeal without any makeup or hair products. It should also be taken under natural light to showcase the young model’s natural complexion. 

The key to achieving a standout headshot is to have your little one look straight at the camera. Eye contact is important since this is often one of the most challenging parts of taking pictures of infants. If possible, take a photo that shows his or her smile, but never one that is forced. 

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Personality shots: For personality shots, you can choose from a wide range of photographs under this category—from funny baby pictures to angelic baby images oozing with innocence. This is because this modeling portfolio essential serves to highlight your little one’s character, especially when in front of the camera. 

Again, eye contact and natural light are important. You should also choose a position or setting that is fun to allow your child’s personality to shine through. 

Tips to Create a Stellar Baby Modeling Portfolio

Taking pictures is easy but shooting ones that are worthy to be included in a stellar modeling portfolio can be challenging. Here is a compilation of tips you can try to help you achieve that outstanding baby model portfolio: 

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Take Clear, Colored Photos: Clarity is imperative when taking pictures for a modeling portfolio. While this can be easily achieved by professional photographers, you don’t have to hire one right off the bat. 

To do it yourself with close-enough image quality, make sure to shoot pictures under natural light. Avoid using the flash since it can create ugly shadows if not used properly. Also, never take photographs with filters on (e.g. sepia, black and white) as modeling agencies prefer natural-looking images. 

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Take a Smile Shot: Smiling makes a person look more pleasant, so be sure to have your little one smile in most of his or her photographs. This is especially true for headshots since the focus would be on his or her face. 

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Choose Pictures with Varying Backdrops: Backdrops provide depth and add character to a picture. However, you don’t need to have one crafted just for your baby’s photo shoot. The key is to look for natural scenery that looks great in pictures. Consider shooting at a park or in a resort when it is quiet and less crowded. 

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Go for Simplicity in Your Baby’s Outfits: Most modeling agencies want to see an aspirant’s natural beauty—unfiltered and unenhanced by outfits and accessories. This means you should choose simple clothing for your child’s portfolio photo shoot—even just a diaper would do. After all, what you’re highlighting in the shoot isn’t the outfits but the young modeling hopeful. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Modeling portfolios are important not only in applying to modeling agencies but also in launching a successful career in the industry. Because of that, you should take your time in understanding how to create a standout collection of photos to prove that your baby has what it takes to be the next little baby modeling star. 

Whether you’re ready for your little one to go pro or you’re just taking cute photos to share with loved ones, enjoy those precious moments capturing your bundle of joy!

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