For how long is breastmilk that has been refrigerated/frozen safe to consume?

2019-04-15T17:27:47+14:0010 12 月, 2017|

We recommend following these breastmilk storage guidelines: (not for preterm babies)   Where                                          temperature                            storage time At room temperature                    66-78°F  (19-26°C)                    4-6 hour Cooler with ice [...]

Why is this warmer better than a standard electric warmer?

2019-04-15T18:43:47+14:0010 12 月, 2017||

Our nanobébé’s smart warming bowl is the optimal warming product for breastmilk.  Thanks to its unique geometry, it warms both nanobébé bottles and breastmilk bags 2 times faster than other warmers on the market at safe and even temperatures, so that precious nutrients aren’t destroyed by high temperatures. It is also the only eco-friendly warmer [...]

Can I heat other bottles in your warmer?

2019-04-15T18:44:33+14:0010 12 月, 2017||

Yes!  Other bottles can be warmed using our Smart Warming Bowl. Because the design was created with a mound to fit the nanobébé bottles, you may have to add additional water to reach the desired level on your bottle. Keep in mind that the warming rate and uniformity of the temperature will not be equal [...]