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Preserve Precious Breastmilk

2020-03-12T15:03:01+14:006 8 月, 2018|Uncategorized Posts|

Preserve Precious Breastmilk When my boys were babies, I was determined to breastfeed them. I knew that it would help boost their immunity and protect their teeth from cavities. Breastfeeding also saved me time and money. I didn’t have lengthy maternity leaves, and when I went back to work, I wanted to continue to nurse [...]

Preserve Precious Breastmilk

2020-03-12T15:03:04+14:0025 2 月, 2018|Uncategorized Posts|

Breastmilk is such a complex, amazing substance that it’s sometimes called “miracle milk.” It’s the perfect blend of proteins, essential fats, enzymes, and hormones. It offers nourishment, of course, and it also has antioxidant, antibacterial, prebiotic, probiotic, and immune-boosting properties. […]